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Our Services

Listed below are the services we offer. We do a wide variety of work, but we mainly focus on web development, mobile development and design.

Web design

Every website we design takes a lot of planning and concepting even before we start working. There are a lot steps that need to be done in order to make a successful and clean website and we run them all.

App Development

Our main focus along with web development is also mobile application development. We mainly foucs on Android and iOS applications but are in process of developing for Windows 10.


Along side of our digital marketing partners, we also offer some branding and marketing services in order to promote your business or hobby. Along with these marketing strategies, we also offer clean design as a prerequisite for marketing.

eCommerce Development

Not only we are good at the three skills we mentioned before, but we are also very good at developing eCommerce websites which are set to boost your sales and improve your business a lot more than you expected!

Our Portfolio

This is a showcase of our past work, our successful projects and the things we are proud of.

About LemonHalf

In this section, you can learn more about our little community, gather more information about what we do and who we are.

Who We Are

LemonHalf is a team of young developers dedicated to bringing technology world closer to you and your business. Idea behind LemonHalf is to create an easy and accessible, but unique way of solving IT problems of our clients. We are a web and app development as well as graphic designing startup founded by 5 students with different life paths and fields of studies, but a lot of experience in programming world.

What We Do

Our Fantastic 5 team is combined out of young people with ideas, skills and ambition, that are focused on delivering an innovative and high quality service to all of our costumers. Goal of our team is to develop top-notch responsive websites, design some beautiful graphics and be a part of the mobile development world. We are looking forward to working with as many clients as possible, sharing our ideas and gather new experiences. Currently our office is based in the Networks building at Skenderpašina 1, Sarajevo.

  • Professional services
  • Flexible timing
  • Amazing team synergy
  • Delivering on time
  • Clean and modern design
  • Most modern frameworks
  • Multi-field optimization
  • Available support

Meet our Team

This is our dream team, the team that keeps driving forward towards the successful completion of projects and growth of the company itself. Every one of us has an unique role in order to make this train go full speed ahead!


Amar Sijerčić

CEO / Founder / Developer


Nedim Mehić

VP / Founder / Developer


Adnan Arnautović

Founder / Developer


Vedad Fejzagić

Founder / Developer


Lejna Čelebičić

Founder / Project Manager / Public Relations


Armin Hrnjić

Intern Developer


Tarik Čaušević

Intern Developer

What our Clients say

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Networks, Skenderpašina 1
71000, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


+387 63 917 517

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